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A few years ago, Geoff Wilson was in a tough spot. His digital agency, 352, was growing quickly but his team was struggling to keep up with the growth. Projects were disorganized and behind schedule. Employee morale was low. Customers were frustrated. Geoff needed to do something, fast.

By making changes to how they manage projects, Geoff’s team dramatically increased innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and employee morale — almost overnight. These changes, which Geoff named “The Circle Strategy,” can ignite similar results for any organization or individual. Watch the video to find out how:

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Geoff started 352 out of his dorm room at the University of Florida more than 15 years ago. He is passionate about growing businesses and coaching entrepreneurs. Geoff loves to speak about The Circle Strategy, 352's new approach to project management which dramatically increases innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

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Geoff is currently seeking a publisher for the book he is writing about The Circle Strategy. If you are a publisher, please contact Geoff.

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What is the Circle Strategy?

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There is one more benefit from implementing The Circle Strategy, and it is truly invaluable: your employees get a renewed passion for work. By letting employees be part of a team, focus on one project at a time, work in short bursts, develop a close relationship with their client and have the freedom to innovate, they become passionate about the work they are doing. They have more pride in their work, their work is better quality, and most importantly, they have a big smile on their face when they come into the office each day.

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Geoff and his team are currently accepting requests to speak about The Circle Strategy. To contact Geoff, please visit his speaking engagement request page.